Officials from SCC and the City of Shoreline open the Shoreline Film Office

The Shoreline Film Office opened its doors at Shoreline Community College earlier this month, making it the 5th film office to open in Washington State. Shoreline Community College (SCC) and the City of Shoreline announced on May 9 that the office would be a collaborative effort between the two entities, designed to actively promote and encourage film production in Shoreline.


SCC shows the public one of their facilities for production.

“Shoreline is committed to the business of film,” said Dan Eernissee, Program Manager of Economic Development at the City of Shoreline. The partnership between the City and the College will promote resources that SCC has to offer filmmakers, and increase student involvement in the film community, while attracting more projects to the region. “The space at SCC would be available to filmmkers, along with students who are willing to work hard and learn the art of filmmaking,” said Tony Doupé, Head Faculty of the Performance Arts and Digital Filmmaking Program at SCC.


The partnership between SCC and Shoreline benefits filmmakers and students.

The City of Shoreline and SCC aim to give students as much opportunity as possible. “Our students can fulfill the duties of camera assistants, grips, production assistants, and background actors,” said Doupé. The Film Office plans to promote those services by offering competitive, labor-based incentives. “The Film Office’s resources are available for no cost to filmmakers if they include SCC students in some capacity,” said Doupé.


The Seattle film community turns out to support Shoreline.

Both the City of Shoreline and Shoreline Community College understand the impact that increased film production can have, and hope to use their resources to eventually bring many more commercial productions and larger-scale projects. The ultimate goal? “A self-perpetuating film industry, with real jobs, that benefits the entire region,” said Eernissee.

For more information about the City of Shoreline’s Film Office please contact or call (206) 801-2218.

You can also find more information here.