We’re In The Home Stretch

We’re in the home stretch – and we need to sprint to the finish line.

As you may already know, SB 5539 was marked as necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) and included in the Senate budget this week, but not the House budget.  Yesterday, the House passed their version of the statewide budget with a vote of 53 to 45.  The Senate will likely pass their budget over the weekend, at which point both versions will be reconciled to create a final budget.  We don’t anticipate movement on SB 5539 until this reconciliation process begins and both chambers consider bills that are NTIB.

During the interim period we need to exert pressure on members of the House of Representatives, as the bill must pass the House before it can be included in the final budget.  In reaching out to your Representatives….

  • Push The Vote
    • Urge your Representatives to support the bill and tell Speaker Frank Chopp to schedule a vote on the floor of the House.  Consider emailing Speaker Chopp directly (frank.chopp@leg.wa.gov) to urge him to schedule a vote for SB 5539.
  • Quantify The Impact
    • Tell your Representatives how much more work you’ve had because of the incentive.  Share how this has made a difference in your livelihood and that of your family.
  • Flight of the Film Industry
    • Reiterate that without the incentive program, studios and production companies will take their motion picture projects to one of the other 39 states with competitive production incentives.  The film industry, its employment opportunities, and the revenue it provides to the state will vanish.

The most important thing to do now is email and call your Representatives.  Find out who they are here.  It is especially crucial that film industry supporters, who live outside of the two production centers of Spokane and Seattle, reach out to their Representatives. Remind them the film industry touches every city, county and region of the state.

Many of you have expressed interest in visiting Olympia to meet face-to-face with your Representatives.  If you choose to make the journey, please let Washington Filmworks know in advance so that we can inform you about the concerns your Representatives have with the bill (if any).  We have suggestions on how you may best address these concerns in conversation.

The legislative session is scheduled to end ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.  The finish line is in sight – keep at it!

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One response to “We’re In The Home Stretch”

  1. Richard Carmen says :

    This Just e-mailed.
    Speaker Of The House
    Representative Frank Chopp
    43rd District

    … I am writing to you today in Support of SB5539, The Washington State Film Competitiveness Program.

    I am an actor, writer, film maker, entrepreneur and bar/restaurant owner. I am an individual that has worked very, very hard to accomplish a respectful position if the film, theatre and business communities that I serve, and I do not want to sell my business and move out of state to seek the work that is my lifes passion. And, I must tell you that long ago as a young man I was lost and in trouble, trying to find my place in life. In finding acting, film, theatre and the literature and people surrounding it, saved my life and soul. It is vitally important to me and our society, if I can affect just one person like me.

    I do not wish to see the culture that is Seattle and Washington State, deteriorate due the lack of interesting and thought provoking entertainment and work. Only to have entertainment options that cater to the lowest common denominator or do nothing to increase awareness of societal issues.

    I do not wish to see films made out of state, using Washington as a background only.
    i do not wish to see the plethora of talented people move out of state or have their films made elsewhere.
    I do not wish to seee other states receives the financial, cultural and tourism business that films bring.

    Most actors, film makers, writers, directors, producers, grips, musicians, editors, sound people, costumers, all have worked very hard to bulid this community to what is is today. It is a tireless, selfless and not a very financially rewarding career choice for most. Film and commercials is one of the only way for artist to pay rent, so they can embark on other artistic endeavors and less financed project. We do it, as we love it, it is in our bones and we see it as a neccessity for our society. I love these people, as they are as unique, talented, creative, humble, hard working (If not more so,) as any person in any given industry. Did I mention Selfless.

    While I am well aware that you have entirely too many people fighting for your attention on many important matters today, SB5539 is one issue that many believe has great benefits for our state, both financially and culturally. Not only can one film bring millions and millions of dollars of revenue for our state and keeps jobs and talented people as part of our state, it also increases tourism, is of direct benefit to all other creative and artistic endeavors as well as the retail and hospitality industries and various labor unions.

    Please Mr Chopp. Push for passage of SB5539

    Richard Carmen
    Actor, Writer, M/C, Host.

    For demo reel, clips and additional photos please refer to


    Richard E. Fritton II

    Owner Operator

    Home Plate Gastropub

    9317 State Ave, Suite B, Marysville, WA 98270


    http://www.facebook.com/HomePlatePubSee More

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