Today Is Critical

Washington Filmworks spent the day in Olympia meeting with Representatives and Committee staff to move SB 5539 forward.  We repeatedly heard that Representative Ross Hunter (D-48) is not willing to schedule a Ways & Means Committee hearing on the bill.  This hearing must occur before the bill cut off date of Monday, February 27th at 5 p.m. or the bill could die.

If you are a constituent living or working in the 48th district and are Represented by Ways & Means Chair Ross Hunter we urge you to write or call his office, asking him to schedule a hearing before the bill cut off of 5 p.m., Monday February 27th.  Representative Hunter’s email is and his Olympia Office telephone number is (360) 786-7936.

Our legislative team has also recommended that those who live or work in the 43rd district call and  write House Speaker, Representative Frank Chopp.  First, thank him for his support. Then, acknowleging his position as Speaker of the House, ask for his assistance in securing a hearing.  Ask Speaker Chopp to encourage Representative Hunter to take positive action on SB 5539.  Speaker Chopps’ email is and his Olympia Office telephone number is (360) 786-7920.

This is a critical moment in the renewal campaign please call or write your representative today.

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One response to “Today Is Critical”

  1. ron carrier says :

    Pass this bill or you give revenue to BC and Oregon.

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